This week’s blog

On Monday, we worked on our PSA project with our teams and re presented our PSA presentations. We got also time to work on our tutorial projects and went over the basic instructions on how it should be set up. On Tuesday, we got a guess speaker to come in, her name was Jasmine and she was really nice and a cool instructor. She taught us about lighting and different camera angles and she even had us practice a few of the camera shots that she taught us about. She showed us sample videos that had cool shots and let us borrow tripods for our PSA’s. On Wednesday, we started filming our commercials and it went pretty good. My group and I had fun with one another and made good videos. Even though it was fustrating to get one of my group members to listen, it still came out good. Today, we started editing our videos by chopping and cutting some of the film and adding sound effects. We still have to do one more scene for our commercial and then it’ll be all good. Tomorrow, we are going to finish our last scene and add that right into to the commercial. It’s also PJ’s day so we got to come in our pajamas and participate in the assembly with the younger kids. But the best part about tomorrow is that it’s going to be Friday! 😉 YAY!


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