This week’s blog

Monday, i wasn’t working on any tech related stuff because i had workshop with Myeep. During the workshop we talked a lot about money and basically how we can save it so that we could reach a certain goal we wanted to reach. We got different type of worksheets related to that type of stuff and we got into groups so i talked to other peers i didn’t know and that was pretty fun. I also participated in one of the exercises called Lie Detector and it was funny and something new i learned. I just need to work on my tutorial and the voiceover for my draw my life. On tuesday we got to get more time to work on our projects and so we did and got my draw my life project done. I got to edit it and it came out pretty good. On wednesday we went to Dolby and got to experience a new and improved sound system they’ve created.We seen a few clips that had good sound and we got to explore the Dolby building while learning some Dolby history. I even have pictures i took while being there.


On thursday, we were wrapping up our projects so that we can publish our projects because today is the day that they are all due. I feel like i did really good on my tutorial and I’m really confident about it. Today is Friday and its the screening day where we show our tutorial videos and our PSA commercials. It ended out to be really good. Although some of them were pretty long i enjoyed watching all of them cause i got a good laugh out of all of them. Oh and we won the pizza and ice cream so that was good too.


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