Tech trendsetters last week!

This week is our last week and right now we’re focusing on our final project called “Who Am I” and basically thats us drawing our lives out on a draw erase board. Some of us are done and some are just starting and some are editing. And also we have the Iron Chef Comp. that we are going to be filming that’s between the two middle school cooking classes. While the classes were cooking and preparing for the comp i got to be a floater and get some pictures of them in action. During the comp the judges got to taste their delicious food and got to give them feedback on how amazing it was to have 11 and 12 year olds cook some good looking and good tasting food. Here are some photos i got to take while they were preparing the food.

DSC_0069 DSC_0071 DSC_0082

Wednesday, we got to get a tour of the BAVC building and got to get a feel of how it is around there and how the community is like and what type of work interns our age do there. It was a pretty cool environment to be there because they were really welcoming and nice! Here’s some photos from the BAVC building.

image-1 image

The lady that instructs the high school interns was really chill and seem really helpful. All of her kids seemed really comfortable working with her. Today which is Thursday was the screening of the “Who Am I” project and sadly mines didnt get to get shown :(. It was because i didnt upload when i should of and so when i tried to i couldn’t cause the laptop it was on went missing. But anyways, i really enjoyed everyone else’s and was glad to learn about them. Tomorrow is our last day which is movie day and were going to be watching “Dawn of the planet of the apes” although “Purge 2: Anarchy” would of really been the cherry on top to this week.




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